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If you are a skinny guy struggling to gain weight and want to pack on your first 15 pounds of rock solid muscle, gain confidence in the gym, and look and feel your absolute best, the Hardgainer Army coaching program is for you.

Follow a custom designed joint friendly strength training program designed specifically for hardgainers to optimize gains through consistency and reduced risk of injury.  You’ll compliment your workouts with a mass building nutrition plan that will allow you to see progress and still enjoy your favorite foods.

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Hi! I’m Zack Mathews

Owner, coach, writer, and cat dad here at VBA Fitness.

Being an ectomorph myself, I know what it takes to overcome your skinny genetics and get the body that you want, and deserve.

I designed Hardgainer Army for guys just like you that want to gain 15 pounds of muscle so that you can:

    • Take your shirt off the next time you’re at the pool and be proud of your stronger, thicker frame.
    • Wear fitted clothes that show off your broad upper body and thicker legs that you’ve worked hard on.
    • Be able to walk into a gym and not have any insecurities if you belong there.
    • Gain confidence in yourself that will positively affect your relationships and career.

Clients in my Hardgainer Army online coaching program get results and here’s why:

I’ve been training clients in the gym for a long time and understand that most people think they need a personal trainer in person for the accountability.

Maybe you’ve been skeptical about hiring a coach online for that exact reason.

Think about this though. 

The average in person client trains 2 times a week for 1 hour.  That’s 1.2% of their whole week spent with their trainer.  What about the other 98.8%?  That time outside of working with your trainer is where you get the real results.

Using my knowledge of client preferences with in person training, I've built the Hardgainer Army online coaching program to give you all the tools, resources, and guidance you will need to see great results!

    • Follow a structured training program each month that will focus on strength & muscle building.
    • App access will be provided and every exercise will be linked with a video of yours truly performing it so you’ll never be confused on what to do.
    • Have more energy, feel less sluggish, and sleep better as we build you your personalized nutrition templates.
    • Worried you won’t know what to cook? Grab your sample meal recommendations for easy to cook, mass building meals.
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It’s ok if you’ve bought weight gain workout or nutrition programs in the past that you had trouble staying consistent with, had coaches that just didn’t work out, or just haven’t ever lifted a weight in your life. Don’t let that hold you back from going after what you really want.

Many of my clients that went through my coaching program were in the same shoes as you.

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In person training is done at 5705 Lynnhaven Parkway Virginia Beach, VA 23456
Pricing depends on how many times per week you would like to train & length of commitment. In person training ranges from $303/month - $1346/month. Online coaching ranges from $250 - $350/month.