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About Zack Mathew VBA Fitness

Zack Mathews

Hey! My name is Zack Mathews, founder and owner of VBA Fitness.

5 things you need to know about me:


  • I have two cats and one dog that I love dearly.


  • Queen is the greatest band of all time.


  • I like burgers and will happily debate you if you don't think In n Out has the best burger.


  • And most importantly...I love fitness, nutrition, and helping people.

My Story

About zack mathews transformation

I was always the skinny kid. Self conscious, shy, and would rather be behind my computer screen playing video games.


I knew something needed to change.


Making transforming my body a priority was the best thing I could have ever done for myself.  It brought new muscle, strength, more confidence, better relationships, and an all around better life.


And another thing it brought me...


The opportunity to help you. 

Who I Help

Over the past 6 years, between online and in person training, I have helped hundreds of people and have enjoyed working with every one of them!


Your success is what drives me to become the best trainer I can be.


I want to help you gain muscle, get stronger, and be more confident in your body. 


Like Jesus here. Watching him get stronger and more confident fuels my fire. His first day he was hesitant and struggled to lift 75 pounds.  3 months later, my man was pulling 195 pounds CONFIDENTLY!

ectomorph weight gain strength

You deserve the body that you want and I'm here to help.


DJ got that and I am so grateful for being able help. She is awesome, strong, and loves cats too.

weight loss transformation female

Personal training goes beyond just fitness and nutrition.


It's personal.


I consider all my clients friends.


Seriously, I've spent a whole session talking to a client through a bad breakup that happened the night before our session.

Why? Because that's what friends do.

Don't worry about her though, she's a straight badass. Now she's even better than before and in the best shape of her life!


Personal Training Awards

Over the years, I've worked with such awesome clients that I've been recognized for a few awards.

They are great to have but I would not have been able to get them without the hard work put in by my clients!

My past accomplishments include:


Chesapeake Virginia Personal Trainer

Blogging & Online Coaching

In order to serve more people outside my city limits, I've expanded my business to help clients remotely all over the world and provide free blog posts on helpful content.

My blog will have helpful insight into a few key areas including:

Weight Loss

Learning the truth about what it takes to lose weight can be frustrating with all of the bad information readily available these days.

It's my goal to help take the guesswork out of what you should be doing and make it simple and easy to understand.  

The Macros For Weight Loss Essential Guide

Weight Loss Before And After Motivation [And How They Did It]

Lose Weight Without Calorie Counting

How To Track Your Weight Loss Progress

Skinny Fat & Ectomorphs

Since I had to weed through tons of poor articles on weight gain when I was trying to transform my physique, I have made it a point to write multiple articles on how to overcome your skinny genetics and skinny fat body types.


The Premier Ectomorph Body Type Guide [Full Workout Included]

The Skinny Fat To Fit Essential Guide

The Best Ectomorph Diet

Bulking Meal Plan For Skinny Guys


I want you to have the best form possible during your lifting sessions and have the education to know how to do different variations of movements.

I've written multiple articles about proper form, alternatives to different exercises, and full workout plans based on available equipment.


The 12 Best Alternatives To Back Squats

An Effective Back Workout Designed For Beginners

Chest And Shoulder Workout With Dumbbells Only

How To Stretch Your Hips For Strong, Pain Free, Flexible Hips

The 10 Best Stretches & Exercises For Groin Pain

Follow Along

I'm super excited to have you here and to help anywhere I can.

Make sure to take your body quiz below for helpful tips to start your transformation and follow along on social media.

  • Instagram - You'll see my clients in real time and also get the occasional cat post.  Sorry, not sorry!
  • TikTok- Don't worry, I won't be doing any dancing.  Strictly helpful fitness content!
  • Facebook - For those of you that don't have Instagram or TikTok.
  • YouTube - Deeper breakdown on specific subjects and full exercise tutorials.
  • LinkedIn & Twitter - I'm not as active on these as I used to be, but that may change in the future!