Premier Private Personal Trainer & Online Coach

My Private 1 on 1 Coaching Is Exclusive & Requires Lots of Work

Which Is Why It’s Not for Everybody.

But if You’re Fed up With Where You’re Currently at and Are Finally Ready for Real Results, You’re in the Right Place.

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The unfortunate truth is that you have most likely started a workout or diet plan that failed.  You may have seen initial results but because of many factors, which include excessive restricting, injury, and trying to do too much in the gym, you fell back to your old habits and lost any progress you made.


Does that sound familiar to you?


So why would it be any different training with me?


First off, if you are willing to pay for coaching, it shows a certain level of readiness and determination on your part.


I need you to trust the process and be willing to put the work in.


Second, everything is customized to YOU.  Your workouts, your nutrition, your supplements.  Everything.  From scratch.  Specific to you.


You’ll learn…

  • Exactly what type of workouts to do that align with your goals.
  • How do those workouts with perfect form.
  • What to eat to compliment your workouts.
  • When to eat to maximize results.
  • What supplements to take (if needed).


The guesswork is taken out.  That’s what coaching is all about.

 Who Do I Coach?


It always makes me laugh when I see coaches that have these insanely specific niches. “I train 35 year old high level executives who are stressed out and want to lose 15 pounds in 60 days with only 2 workouts a week and being able to still drink at business lunches".


Uh. What?!


I’m not that guy.


I’ve been training clients like you from different backgrounds and with different goals for years.  I enjoy building personalized plans rather than giving the same cookie cutter plan to everyone.


Here's who I CAN help:


  • If you want to lose weight and feel more confident in your body, I can help.  I’m a wizard when it comes to helping people lose fat so you can go ahead and call me Gandalf.


  • If you’re skinny fat and want to build muscle while losing your unwanted belly fat, you'll be in good hands.  I’m a wizard at skinny fat transformations too so call me Dumbledore here.


  • If you’re a hardgainer and can’t seem to put any weight on your body, I'm your guy.  Call me Loki because I’ll shape shift back to my 21 year old self that was a hardgainer and show you exactly how I overcame my skinny genetics.


As you can see, I’m a bit of a nerd.  I love sports (go Lakers!), playing fantasy football with my dad, watching fantasy movies and shows (hence the references above), and spending time with my two cats and fiancé.

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What's Included


Each month receive a new workout program that is personalized to your goals, workout experience and injury history that will help you look and feel your best.


You'll receive app access that will have your workouts, allow you to enter your data, and all the exercises will have a video of yours truly performing the movement.


Your nutrition plan is built around learning how to eat so you can get results that last. 


No fad diets or quick fixes here. 


You will learn how to track your calories, implement new habits that will give you more energy, and be provided with sample meal recommendations with easy, healthy meal ideas.


Constant check ins will help keep you accountable and moving in the right directions.

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How To Get Started


The next step would be to see if we are a good fit.


I only work with clients that are motivated and I feel like I can help.


If I don’t think I can help you, I have no problem saying no.  I don’t want to waste your time and I hope you feel the same towards me.


The application is below.  It doesn't hurt to reach out.  We'll chat via email about my programs and see if we are a good fit to work together.

In person training is done at 5705 Lynnhaven Parkway Virginia Beach, VA 23456
I don't promote quick fixes or fad diets. I want to get you results that last forever and that will take time. Online coaching prices range from $250 - $350/month & in person coaching ranges from $300 - $1386/month.