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Build muscle, get stronger, and shed body fat while still enjoying your favorite game day fantasy football festivities.

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My name is Zack Mathews.

Full time personal trainer during the week.

Wannabe fantasy football expert on the weekends.

I work with clients in Virginia Beach and online clients from all over the world.  


I built Fit Fantasy Champs for guys like you that want to:

  • Get in the best shape of their life and have a plan that will take the guesswork out of what it takes to get results.
  • Have more confidence in their body and feel proud of their hard work when they raise their fantasy trophy.
  • Learn new nutrition habits and have a program that will prioritize healthy eating, but still allow beer and wings on football Sunday.
  • Build muscle and get stronger in the gym with minimizing risk through joint friendly strength training movements.

The Fit Fantasy Champs online coaching program will give you all the tools, resources, and guidance you will need to see amazing results.

  • Follow a structured monthly training program that will cycle workouts every 4 weeks and focus on building strength and muscle in the gym.
  • App access will be provided and every exercise will be linked with a video of yours truly performing it so you’ll never be confused on what to do.
  • Have more energy, feel less sluggish sleep better, and shed body fat as you gain nutrition habits that will compliment your workouts.
  • Follow a calorie cycling approach that will allow for flexibility for the food and drinks you love on the weekend.
  • Worried you won’t know what to cook? Grab your sample meal recommendations for easy to prepare healthy meals.
  • Never feel lost or that you are doing this by yourself. Check-ins will help keep you accountable and progressing forward. Need to vent about your fantasy team? Yeah, you can do that too.
  • Save money with online coaching versus in person so you can buy into more fantasy leagues.
  • As a bonus for sign up, get FREE entrance into a Survivor Pick'Em league this upcoming 2021 season!

Application Access For Detailed Instructions & Ability To Input Workout Information


Online coaching app screen shot
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Video Instruction For Every Exercise In Your Program


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Progress Trackers


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Check-Ins For Continued Guidance


weekly Check In


One of the reasons why I love online coaching is that it allows a wider range of people to have access to a mentor.

If you train with me in person here in Virginia Beach, it costs $900 a month to see me 3 times per week.

That's $2700 to run this 12 week program with me!

Fit Fantasy Champs will help you take the guesswork out of your transformation through joint friendly strength training workouts, effective cardio, nutrition plans, and constant check-ins at a price point of $200/month.