Premier Private Personal Trainer & Online Coach
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A simplified approach to your health and fitness through joint friendly workouts and a realistic, flexible nutrition plan to get you results that last forever. 


Does that sound like something you would be interested in?  Keep reading to learn more.


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  • Skinny fat bodies wanting to gain muscle, lose fat, and take the confusion out of what they should be doing to get results.


  • Ectomorphs looking to overcome their skinny genetics by adding more size and muscle to their physique.


  • Overweight individuals wanting to become more confident in their body by losing fat while preserving and building muscle.
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  • Building lean, functional muscle.  We're going after a lean, defined, healthy look.
  • Eliminating unwanted body fat.  Be gone belly fat!  You'll lose unwanted stubborn body fat and improve your health markers. 
  • Setting strength PR's on new exercises. This ain't your normal cookie cutter exercise program.  Your workouts are based around joint friendly strength training so you're going to get strong, build muscle, improve your mobility, and move pain free.
  • Eating in a realistic, flexible way.  Fad diets are lame.  Learn to eat in a way that will make you feel great, compliment your workouts, and still allow the food and drink you love.
  • Improving confidence, mood, and outlook on life. Getting leaner, building muscle, and improving sleep and stress levels will positively impact your mood, sex drive, and energy levels.  There are so many benefits you'll notice besides the physical ones!
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virginia beach personal training transformation
virginia beach personal trainer transformation
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 I want to provide you with everything you would need to take any guesswork out of what you should be doing.

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Additionally you'll receive:


  • Guidance on setting up your initial goals and commitments. 
  • Personalized nutrition recommendations based on your goals.
  • A Google Sheet progress tracking page to log daily numbers and habits that I will be able to see and track.
  • Feedback on form videos to ensure you're performing movements correctly.
  • Daily check-ins via email to review your prior day targets, answer questions, and make adjustments as needed.
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NASM Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist 

NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification

People Love Us On Yelp 2018 Award

Thumbtack Top Pro 2018 - 2021

Bark Certification Of Excellence Award 2019

2022 Virginia Beach Coastal Magazine Top Weight Loss Center - Silver

Cat Dad Of The Year: 2016 - Current

Virginia Beach Personal Trainer Awards
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Training with me in person can cost up to $1400 per month.  The great thing about online coaching is that it costs a fraction of that.


Rebrand Your Body online coaching is $300/month


Take advantage of the free body quiz below for helpful advice for your transformation and receive occasional discounts on online coaching.

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