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Personalized 1 on 1 Online Coaching With VBA Fitness Will Result In You:


  • Looking confidently in the mirror at your leaner, stronger, more muscular, and defined body.


  • Eliminating aches and pains so you'll move and feel better than you ever have before.


  • Being a symbol of health to impress and inspire your significant other, kids, and friends.


  • Rebranding your body as a person who is healthy, treats their body with respect, and puts in the hard work.
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Why This Will Work For You


I have a proven process to consistency get results for my clients through a simple, yet disciplined approach to nutrition and a style of joint friendly workouts to promote strength and muscle gains. 

I'll give you everything you need but this requires a clear commitment on your end.


Commitments, such as:


  • Executing the nutrition protocols I provide for you and sending daily food log pictures.


  • Following the training program that requires you to train at least 3 times a week for 45 - 60 minutes.


  • Daily weigh-ins and biweekly measurements and progress photos.


  • Trusting the program I design and following instructions.  There will be no "I saw this video on TikTok that said...".  If you don't trust the process or follow instructions, we're only wasting each others time.


  • Be open to criticism.  I want to be your friend but I am your coach first.  I'll tell you how it is because I care.

What People Are Saying


"My life has been forever changed by Zack and VBA Fitness! I started this journey thinking I would work with him for a few months and then go back to my previous routines, but with less body fat. However, as I progressed through his ever challenging programs I came to enjoy the positive changes that living a healthy life brings...I have more energy, I have more mental strength, and greater resilience during periods of increased stress in my life. I am more confident and have more energy too!"

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"One of the most powerful changes, has been seeing my children's reaction to their father completely change his unhealthy lifestyle. This has been such an important part of the journey, coming to understand that we are not defined by our poor life choices but defined by our ability to recognize and change our circumstances. I would have said my transformation was impossible 12 months ago, but I was willing to take one make one change. Then I took another step, and another, and I slowly built momentum. Until I ultimately realized I enjoy this new me and don't want to go back to my old ways! The new me is healthy, happy, confident, resilient, driven, and a positive role model for my family!"

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"Zack is a great trainer! I had just had a baby and wanted to lose the baby weight and he pushed me more than I ever imagined. Not only in the gym but also nutritional habits throughout the weeks. It was great being able to not only see my body start to slim down but to also see muscles I had never seen before. going to him was the best decision I ever made. Now, I'm addicted and couldn't thank him enough! I definitely recommend him as a trainer! I would say the only down fall is... he's a lakers fan. Go Jazz!"

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"Zack is an amazing trainer who helped me reach all my fitness goals and even some I didn't realize I had! Great coaching and excellent workout, diet, and lifestyle plans to follow to get there. I've used other workout plans and other personal trainers, Zack is the best -- been working out with him over 2 years and plan to continue!"

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What's Included

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You'll Get Everything You'll Need To Succeed Including:


  • Guidance on setting up your initial goals and commitments. 
  • Personalized nutrition recommendations based on your goals.
  • Feedback on form videos to ensure you're performing movements correctly.
  • Daily check-ins to review meals, answer questions, and make adjustments as needed.

Awards & Certifications

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist 

NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification

People Love Us On Yelp 2018 Award

Thumbtack Top Pro 2018 - 2021

Bark Certification Of Excellence Award 2019

2022 Virginia Beach Coastal Magazine Top Weight Loss Center - Silver

Cat Dad Of The Year: 2016 - Current

Virginia Beach Personal Trainer Awards
Chesapeake Virginia Personal Trainer

Ready To Get Started? Let's See If We Would Be A Good Fit.

If you are serious about coaching, the first step is filling out the information below.

Filling out an application does not guarantee you will become a coaching client.  We first need to have a discussion to see if we are a good fit and that you are committed to the process.

All coaching is done by yours truly so my availability is limited.  If coaching is something you've been wanting to do, now's the time to get started.  

Pricing depends on session frequency & type of coaching. Plans range from $60 - $340/week