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If you’re looking for a Virginia Beach weight loss expert, you’re in the right place!

My name is Zack Mathews.  I have been a personal trainer for 7 years helping clients with all different goals get into the best shape of their life.  Additionally I was awarded a silver medal by Costal Virginia Magazine for best weight loss center in 2022.

If you want to learn more about coaching, check out the link before.  If you want more information on how to start losing weight, let’s continue onward!

Virginia Beach Weight Loss Tips

Before we get into my helpful tips on how to lose weight, I want to start by saying my coaching philosophy revolves around exercise and flexible dieting.  If you are looking for weight loss injections or anything else of that matter, you’ll need to look elsewhere because I am not a registered doctor.

Good? Ok, let’s move on with my best weight loss tips for Virginia Beach residents.

Virginia Beach Weight Loss Coach Tip #1 - Understand Calorie Balance & Find Your Numbers

The first thing you should understand is the science behind weight loss.

There’s a lot of bad information out there so I’m here to clear that all up.


It doesn’t matter if you follow the keto diet, intermittent fasting, vegan, low fat, high fat, or even the carnivore diet, there is one common theme across all of those that result in fat loss: you are in a calorie deficit.


A calorie deficit is when you consume less calories than your body burns on a given day.

For example, if you work with me and we calculate your maintenance calories at 2000, that means your body weight will stay the same if you eat 2000 calories.

If you eat 1500 calories and your maintenance calories are 2000, you are in a 500 caloric deficit and you will lose weight.

If you eat about 2000, that puts you in a calorie surplus and you will gain weight.


To get yourself in a calorie deficit, MOST people can multiply their bodyweight by anywhere between 8 - 12 and that will put them in a good spot.


For example, if you weight 200 pounds and multiply your weight by 10, your calorie deficit goal will be 2000.

Got your number?  

Good, lets’ move on to #2

Virginia Beach Weight Loss Tip #2 - Protein Should Be Your Best Friend While Dieting

Their are 3 macronutrients; proteins, carbs, and fats.


Of the 3, protein is most important for you when trying to lose fat for these reasons:

  • Eating enough protein will help your body prioritize fat loss over muscle loss when you are in a calorie deficit.
  • Protein keeps you more full than the other two macros.  When you are eating less calories than you are used to, protein comes in handy.
  • Your body burns more calories digesting protein than carbs or fats.  It’s not by much, but it helps!


A goal target for protein each day is to eat 0.7 - 1gram of protein per pound of bodyweight.  If you have a lot of weight to lose you might be better of eating 1 gram of protein per pound of LEAN body mass.


Find your protein target now. Between that numbers and your calories, you are ready to start tracking!  Don’t worry about tracking carbs or fats, they don’t dictate if you gain or lose weight.

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Weight Loss Tips For Virginia Beach Residents #3 - Don't Exercise To Burn Calories

Focusing on how many calories you are burning each workout is a sure way to hate what you are doing and quit.


Instead, focus on lifting weights to gain stronger, build muscle, and improve mobility.  Do cardio to improve your heart health and improve your mood.  Do other activities because you love them.  Virginia Beach is beautiful city, go explore it with new physical activities.


Let your nutrition take care of the weight loss, not your exercise.

Think about it this way:  If you burned 300 calories walking for an hour, how quickly could you eat those calories back in Oreos?  Pretty quickly right?

Take a minute and think about how many hours per week can you commit to exercise?

Is it 2 days of lifting weights and 2 days of cardio?  More, less?

Find an exercise frequency that you’ll be able to commit to.

Let's Finish Off With #4 - Have A Realistic Expectation Of Progress

Most people want results quick, but in reality, 0.5 - 2 pounds of weight loss per week is amazing progress!

Think about that in terms of a year.  That’s 26 - 104 pounds!

Would you be happy if a year from now you lost that much?


There will be ups and downs, there will be some weeks when you lose a lot and others when you don’t lose any, but if you can average between 0.5 - 2 pounds, you’ll be in a great spot.


If you live in Virginia Beach and want to lose weight, you should have your main pillars figured out now

  • Finding your calorie deficit number
  • How much protein you are going to eat.
  • How many days per week you are going to exercise
  • A realistic approach to progress 

If those are steps you are looking to follow, I offer in person and online coaching.

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