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Why Are Eggs Healthy?

It's Time To End The Debate In 2022

Created by: Zack Mathews

Can we all agree that eggs are amazing?  They taste delicious and the fact that you can prepare them so many different ways makes them that much better.

But there’s always that one person that is going to be in your ear saying “you better be careful eating eggs, they are high in cholesterol”.

Or maybe it’s a voice in your head saying that because of an article that you read online.

Well I’m here to kick that voice to the curb and be your new voice of reason.

Eating eggs is a great way to increase protein consumption, keep yourself full so you don’t snack between meals, and they are full of vitamins and minerals.

How Are Eggs Healthy Since Cholesterol Is "Bad"?


I don’t like getting too scientific when I write so I am going to make this part simple to understand in terms of cholesterol. 

There’s two types.

LDL -This is considered the “bad” cholesterol and you want to have a lower number when you get blood work done.

HDL - This is your “good” cholesterol.  A higher number the better.

After years and years of multiple studies being done, eggs have shown to have little effect on LDL levels and have shown to increase HDL levels.

What Do Studies Say About Why Are Eggs Healthy?

This study had participants eating 3 eggs a day and the findings confirmed with what I just wrote above. 

In the study they state "intake of 2-3 eggs/d supported greater improvements in HDL function as well as increased plasma carotenoids."

Moving right along, we'll take a look at this study that made a strong statement.

"After 60 years of research, a general consensus has now been reached that dietary cholesterol, chiefly from eggs, exerts a relatively small effect on serum LDL-cholesterol and CVD risk, in comparison with other diet and lifestyle factors." 

This isn't one study telling you that eggs are healthy, this is 60 years of research!

Pretty convincing if you ask me.

Can Eggs Help With Weight Loss?

There you have it!  Next time someone says something bad about eggs, put them in there place by explaining the benefits and how it positively affects your HDL levels.

Now since I'm a personal trainer, I can't end this blog without mentioning how eggs can help your transformation.

This is why I love eggs...

The majority of people eat breakfast foods that are high in sugar and carbs.  Since these types of foods don't fill you up, you'll be hungry shortly after and be looking in the pantry for your mid morning snack.

Eggs on the other hand are packed with protein and will keep you full for hours! If you can pair you eggs with vegetables and whole grain bread, that's a meal where you won't even think about grabbing a granola bar at 10am.

Want to learn more about the best breakfasts to have? Check out my article Weight Loss Breakfast Foods.

While writing this, I figured I needed to reward myself with eggs so this was my post workout meal this morning consisting of eggs, spinach, potatoes, avocados, and berries.  Delicious!

are eggs healthy to eat everyday?

You Now Know Why Eggs are Healthy! Now What?

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