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Weight Loss Before And After Motivation For 2021

[And How They Did It]

By: Zack Mathews

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Sometimes motivation comes from seeing someone accomplish the same task you are trying to do.  When looking at weight loss before & after photos, knowing that there are people that overcame the same struggles you have can be the extra push you need.

I want to take it a step further for you though.

The great thing about the transformations that my clients have been able to achieve is that they all didn’t do it the exact same way.  Everyone is unique and it’s important to know that there are multiple ways to get great results.

Check out these weight loss before and after photos of my clients and learn about what they did for their success.  Pick and choose what concepts you think might work for you and develop a plan that’s right for YOU.


weight loss before and after female kassandra

Kassandra was coming off a pregnancy and looking to lose the baby weight she had put on.  She had no prior exercise experience and had never followed a diet before.

The main keys to her success were:

    • Replacing a sugary breakfast (usually cereal), with a protein shake.
    • Adding more protein to her diet.
    • Adding more vegetables to her diet.
    • 3 strength training workouts a week.
    • Daily walks with her son.

She was able to lose weight because she reduced her calories through the breakfast replacement, and adding more vegetables and protein to keep her full throughout the day, instead of snacking on junk food.  Lifting weights and her daily walks helped her get the lean, toned, defined look she was after!


weight loss in face before and after brian

Brian is the definition of a type A personality, and is easily one of the hardest workers I have ever met.  He demands excellence for himself, and it shows with the way he trains and exercises.

The main keys to his success were:

    • 3 full body strength training workouts a week.
    • 3 60 minute runs a week.
    • Daily stretching and mobility.
    • Meticulously tracking calories and protein for 5 months.  In that time, he only missed two days (Thanksgiving and Christmas), and had one cheat meal.

Exercising 6 times a week and tracking calories precisely every single day is not for everyone, but if you have the personality and drive for it, it will always result in amazing progress.


20 pound weight loss before and after

Being in the military, Naomi had experience with working out, mainly focusing on HIIT workouts.  She had minimal experience with nutrition or following a specific diet.

The main keys to her success were:

    • Having to prepare for military testing, Naomi would lift weights 3 times a week for 30 minutes, and occasionally add a 4th day of cardio.
    • She learned to meal prep and had some staple meals that she knew fit into her calorie range each day.
    • Being thinner and much stronger, she was able to do 92 sit-ups and 47 push ups on her military performance test!

When most of us look at a weight loss before and after photo, we only notice the fat loss or the muscle gain.  We often overlook how much stronger these individuals are!  It’s empowering to feel stronger so enjoy lifting weights and seeing your numbers go up.


weight loss before and after male james

James has worked out on and off throughout the years but had never stayed consistent with a plan.

The main keys to his success were:

    • Learning to track his calories and protein everyday.
    • Performing 3 at home workouts a week using minimal equipment.
    • Adding a weekend hike with his girlfriend.

I love this transformation because it shows that you can get results without having to go the gym.  James has dumbbells, a pull-up bar, and some sliders that he was able to use to help him slim down 20 pounds.  By learning to calorie count and track his protein, he was able to start eating in a calorie deficit to promote fat loss.


weight loss before and after female danielle

We will go with Danielle next.  Remember James who goes on a weekly hike with his girlfriend?  Yeah, this is her!  Couples who train together, stay together they say!  

Danielle has tried different crash diet in the past that got her quick results, but she was never able to maintain them. 

The main keys to her success were:

    • Learning to track her calories through a calorie cycling technique.  She was having trouble hitting her calories and protein during the week but would go over on the weekends so we adjusted her to a style that allows her to eat less during the week, and more on the weekend.  This kept her in a calorie deficit and she was able to lose fat!
    • She did 3 workout a week that were usually 2 strength training workouts (with the same at home equipment as James), and one kickboxing workout that she loved.
    • And of course, her weekly hike with her boyfriend.

It’s always great to have a partner than supports you and can keep you accountable.  Ask your partner, family member, or friend if they want to go on this journey with you.


skinny fat weight loss before and after girl robyn

Robyn was an another military client who wanted to focus on strength while also losing fat and building muscle.

The main keys to her success were:

    • Portion control.  We didn’t focus on calorie counting, but instead focused on eating smaller portions and making better decisions.  A pizza and multiple beers were a staple for her weekend, so by having less of that, she was able to cut back the calories.
    • 3 full body strength workouts per week.

An interesting note about this transformation.  I didn’t say we cut out pizza and beer.  That works for some people, but others still want to enjoy their favorite foods, and you might be in the same boat.  Having half of a pizza and 2 beers instead of the full pizza and 6 beers can easily save 1000 calories a week.  That one swap can put you in a calorie deficit and you can start losing weight.

Start thinking about foods that you might be over consuming.  If you were to cut back on these and be a bit stricter with how much you had, do you think you would lose weight?


weight loss transformation men

Jacob has continued to make great progress and I wish I had a newer weight loss before and after, but this will do!  I remember in our initial discussions I asked “why now?”, in terms of why you want to lose weight now.  He said he woke up one day and wanted to change, so he went about it and did it!

The keys to his success were:

  • Implementing intermittent fasting.  He stuck to a 12 - 8pm eating window where he would have lunch, dinner, and 1 -2 snacks during that time.
  • Bike riding.  He got a bike and started riding multiple miles a day.
  • 2 full body strength training workouts a week

He’s another example of cutting calories without tracking.  He cut out his breakfast and made sure not to make up those calories later in the day.  By reducing those calories, and adding his bike rides and gym workouts, the weight started falling off!


weight loss before and after woman elaine

Elaine told me very early on “I don’t want workouts for an old lady”.   I loved that and made sure her workouts pushed her in a safe manner.

The keys to her success were:

    • Lowering her sugar consumption.
    • Eating mainly unprocessed foods.
    • Lifting weights 2 times a week.
    • Doing yoga, dance class, or swim class 1 - 2 times a week.

An easy swap to lower your calorie intake is to focus on mainly unprocessed foods. The perfect example is a bag of potato chips.  The average bag of potato chips has 5 potatoes.  You could probably eat a whole bag of chips while watching your favorite TV show right?  I sure can.

Now imagine boiling 5 potatoes and trying to eat all 5 of them while watching your favorite TV show.  You are going to be burnt out after maybe 2 potatoes.

That’s the danger of processed foods.  They are designed to make you keep eating!


weight loss transformation female

Darcy was one of my first clients and she is a cat lover like myself so she holds a special place in my heart!

The keys to her success were:

    • Meal prepping for the week to prevent the urge to eat out.
    • Tracking all her macros.
    • Lifting weights 2 - 3 times a week.


weight loss transformation women Kimberly

Kimberly’s prior exercise experience was dance and cardio, so getting into the gym was new for her.

The keys to her success were:

    • Tracking her calories and protein.
    • Making healthier swaps to her favorite items.  She was able to swap out a 1000 calorie Ben & Jerry’s pint to a 340 calorie Halo Top pint.
    • Lift weights 2 - 3 times a week.
    • Hiking.

Now It's Time For Your Own Weight Loss Before And After Transformation!

If you need some help, try following some of these tips.

    • Focus on eating mainly unprocessed, whole foods.
    • Find swaps for high calorie items you love, or try and eat less of them.
    • Learn to track your calories to see how much you are actually eating.
    • Restrict your eating window to save on calories (remember, don’t make up those calories later in the day or you won’t see results).
    • Lift weights 2 - 4 times a week.
    • Add in some form of cardio 1 - 2 times a week (walking, hiking, swimming, group classes).
    • Find a balance on your journey that will make your health and fitness transformation compliment your life, not BE your life.

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